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Lutefisk and Okra


Lutefisk, Okra and Catnip?

Don't blame the messenger for sequential lolcat posts, but there's a new cat-related app:


No, not Painted Cats. CatPaint.

Unfortunately, the fun is limited to 8 cats, but I'd imagine the app will have a 2.0 soon with more cats.

A customer review also may nudge it in to SNL Video Short territory:

4Stars Cats!
by Ricktm
Please add lasers


On The Sixth Day, Ceiling Cat Created Long Cat, And It Was Good.

Once again my theory is shown true; that Lolcats are the propelling force of the Internet and possibly the known Universe.

Kitteh Roulette, Lol Cat Bible Translation Project and I Can Has Cheeseburger are proof in the pudding, but now the power of the digital felines has crept in to Twitter.

Not only can has they made an appearance, but they have done so in a groundbreaking way.



Baby, Your Jollah is Mad Pickled.

A video of a Korean teacher helping us to break down language barriers. Imagine there's no countries, it isn't hard to do.


A Few Things To Keep You Up At Night, Or Keep You In Bed All Day

Death By Viral, Life By Meme

For some reason, I nearly rented The Room on Netflix. It came up in my suggestions and only God and/or Mark Zuckerberg or whoever programmed Netflix knows why. After reading a stream of horrible reviews online I pulled it from my queue.

Then recently an acquaintance of mine, whose cinematic taste I trust, posted this little clip confirming my fears:

The clip was straight out a of late 80s USA network. The gently-drifting oboe at 1:38 really brings the scene together, but it just looked like a crappy movie. I was only skimming the surface. Then I saw the "suggested videos" column and found this review:

Pretty funny, but halfway through I hopped over to their suggestion of the "The Room Flower Shop Scene":

YouTuber, tbirddddd writes:
It's like when you're playing a videogame and you skip the dialogue as soon as you read the subtitles.

Another comment from PapaPandaProductions states:
that meee howmuchisitthatwillbe18dollersheregoookeepthechangehidoggieyourmyfavoritecustomerthanksalotbyyye bu bye

And then the scene recreated:

And then the writer, director, actor Tommy Wiseau interrupts Obama:

And a Bert and Ernie version:

And then the equivalent of David Caruso's taking off the his sunglasses and quipping:

Anyway, you get the idea and the gist of the movie. I'm still certain I don't need to waste a Netflix envelope getting this garbage. It's so much more fun seeing it unfold in the disjointed chronology and user-submitted edits off YouTube, complete with the MST3K comments.

Edit: Ok! Ok, subconscious! Fine!


Even A Cop's Best Friend

In Plattsburg, Missouri a policeman clips a stuck dog from a fence. See what happens: