Death By Viral, Life By Meme

For some reason, I nearly rented The Room on Netflix. It came up in my suggestions and only God and/or Mark Zuckerberg or whoever programmed Netflix knows why. After reading a stream of horrible reviews online I pulled it from my queue.

Then recently an acquaintance of mine, whose cinematic taste I trust, posted this little clip confirming my fears:

The clip was straight out a of late 80s USA network. The gently-drifting oboe at 1:38 really brings the scene together, but it just looked like a crappy movie. I was only skimming the surface. Then I saw the "suggested videos" column and found this review:

Pretty funny, but halfway through I hopped over to their suggestion of the "The Room Flower Shop Scene":

YouTuber, tbirddddd writes:
It's like when you're playing a videogame and you skip the dialogue as soon as you read the subtitles.

Another comment from PapaPandaProductions states:
that meee howmuchisitthatwillbe18dollersheregoookeepthechangehidoggieyourmyfavoritecustomerthanksalotbyyye bu bye

And then the scene recreated:

And then the writer, director, actor Tommy Wiseau interrupts Obama:

And a Bert and Ernie version:

And then the equivalent of David Caruso's taking off the his sunglasses and quipping:

Anyway, you get the idea and the gist of the movie. I'm still certain I don't need to waste a Netflix envelope getting this garbage. It's so much more fun seeing it unfold in the disjointed chronology and user-submitted edits off YouTube, complete with the MST3K comments.

Edit: Ok! Ok, subconscious! Fine!